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“Name the most important trend in Organisational Development”

October 16, 2023

By Dr Chris Heunis, Founder & Director, TBi

I have decided to ask ChatGPT to answer this question. This answer may assist to determine the relevance of Experiential Team Building to organisations today:

“…emphasis on employee engagement and well-being…shift toward creating a more positive and inclusive work environment…engaged and healthy employees are more productive, innovative, and loyal. This trend recognises the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce where individuals from different backgrounds feel valued, empowered, and can contribute their unique perspectives and talents…

…the trend toward prioritizing employee engagement and well-being, along with creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, is seen as instrumental in promoting success in the modern workplace.”

On a closer view of Chat GPT’s response, it becomes clear that engagement unlocks positivity, inclusivity, loyalty, and diversity that will promote success in the modern workplace.

Let us ask Chat GPT again: “How do you create lasting engagement?”

“1. Foster a positive work environment… Create a positive and inclusive work culture… Encourage open communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Celebrate achievements, provide constructive feedback, and recognise employees for their contributions.

2. Provide meaningful work… Employees stay engaged when they find their work meaningful and aligned with their values… Give autonomy, responsibility, and opportunities to make a difference… Connect their roles to the broader purpose of the organisation.

3. Offer growth and development… Employees are motivated… Training, mentorship, and coaching…

4. Ensure work-life balance… Flexible work arrangements, discourage overwork… Show understanding…

5. Recognise achievements…

6. Encourage employee involvement and empowerment… Involve them in decision-making… Encourage employee participation…

7. Regularly communicate and provide feedback… Informed about updates, goals, progress… Feedback… Performance… Fostering sense of belonging.

The TBi “Team Growth Strategy” is designed to expertly address the seven steps identified by ChatGPT. Click HERE to complete the free Team Effectiveness Assessment. That will be your first step towards fostering the lasting engagement of your employees.

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