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TBi as we know it today evolved from a humble start in a store room of a family house in 1994. Born from a vision to introduce the fruits of a Doctoral dissertation to improve self-understanding, intra- and interpersonal relationships. The name “Team Building Institute” suggests the following:

Our unique value proposition is our scientific method of training based on the Doctoral dissertation referred to above. We refer to the methodology as AEL.

AEL (Adventure-related Experiential Learning) applies knowledge derived from four disciplines:
  1. Psychology
  2. Philosophy
  3. Human Movement Sciences
  4. Business Science
The AEL method of training offers tailor-made solutions to a plethora of behaviour-related requirements you may require; to name but a few:
“Share in this life-changing journey”

Meet the TBI Team


Dr. Chris Heunis



Robbie Verkuyl



Simon Legodi

Senior Business Consultant


Marlene van Niewenhuizen

Financial and Office Administrator


Eline Visser

Client Relationship & Sales Manager


Abe Msiza


Our Partners

OIM International

Business improvement specialists

Data Management and Statistical Analysis (DMSA) is a data analytics and organisational research company that has been based at Wits University for the past 25 years.

We are a unique team of highly qualified and experienced statisticians, data scientists, business analysts and industrial psychologists that use sound statistical techniques to analyse data and then analyse the results to provide insights that can be used to formulate effective business strategies.

Our services include:

o   Organizational Research Surveys – we conduct various organizational surveys in the areas of Employee Engagement, Climate, Culture, Customer Engagement Onboarding, Exit, 360 and others.

o   Data Analytics – we analyse company databases from various sources. With our statistical background we can identify underlying relationships in the data that will improve your understanding of your business and its processes. Our models can be used as effective decision making tools.


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