Process Centring

Get deeper understanding

Who to attend

  • Multi National Organisations
  • Organisations that consist of more than 50 Employees
  • Project Engineering Companies
  • Virtual Teams


This programme will create a deeper understanding of the causes of silos, competition between departments, in-fighting and obsession with tasks and disregard for the business process.


Deconstructing the organisation and identifying Big T’s and Small t’s. The effect bureaucracy has on business process. Experiential learning. Business simulation


  • Appreciation of the value other departments add directly and indirectly
  • A better understanding of the different goals of "Big T" and "Small t" departments


  • VENUE : TBi Campus or venue of own choice
  • DURATION: 4 Phases. 1 x day per phase
  • TEAM SIZE: 4 – 16 Delegates