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Research brought us a methodology that guarantees fun learning and change in the way participants, feel, think and behave. The TBi methodology is a collection of learning experiences. Learning and change is created by expert facilitation. This methodology is know as AEL (Adventure-related Experiential Learning).

Selecting the appropriate level of change and programme is critical; this determines relevance, purpose, content and facilitation techniques. All the programmes are presented on a ‘challenge-by-choice’ basis and our facilitators are trained to ensure physical, emotional and social safety of participants. Experiences can be facilitated indoors and outdoors.

4 Disciplines of Change

Business Science

Organisations connect people. How we connect to optimise a product or service demands deep understanding of how organisational structure and process impact learning, change and sustainability. TBi’s method is founded on management sciences of our time.


“I think therefore I am” Descartes (1596 - 1650). Thinking brings about understanding. How do we change our thinking that will result in different understanding and ultimately change behaviour? The method applied at TBi has deep philosophical roots.


How are people motivated? How will my emotional safety be guaranteed? Will my individuality be respected and understood? Will I be in control? The method applied at TBi has is based on sound Psychological principles.

Human Movement Sciences

Will this programme accommodate my unique physical abilities? The method applied at TBi includes multiple senses and focus on whole body experience. Warm­up preparation precedes physical activity to prevent possible injury.

Exclusive Mandate

We Co-Design Solutions.
Our unique experiential method is universal to all your challenges.

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