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Virtual Team Building

our new digital normal

Virtual team building has the power to help remote teams collaborate as efficiently as on-site teams. Choose from our range of virtual programmes to build strong teams, wherever they are.

Meeting Fun

Team recreation rekindles a spirit of fun and laughter. This programme is ideal for starting a team meeting. The key word here is FUNN (Functional understanding Not Necessary).

Generic team building workshop

This workshop adds knowledge to concepts that creates understanding of new ways to deal with familiar situations in the workplace.

Team effectiveness workshop

This workshop is focused on individual growth in team context. The HBDI thinking style is introduced to individuals where after the combined profiles are shared.

Team growth strategy

The emphasis of this program is to create a high performing culture. Behavioural change and personal growth depend on reinforcement of learning through follow-up. This program consists of 3 phases. Teams develop a level of maturity known as a self-facilitating team. A self-facilitating team maintains a positive and constructive culture. The program changes the way people feel, think and behave.

Individual leadership development

This program focusses on the individual in terms of a leadership or management role.

Strategic session

The session has a whole brain approach. The first session has a focus on “Where we need to be”, the second on “Challenges, enablers, disablers”, the third the impact on “People, value and culture” and the fourth “Next steps”.

Career guidance

This session is ideal to determine career choices. The emphasis is on the individual’s strengths and blind spots.

Sport coaching workshop

The session is ideal for coaches, sports club managers and captains, with the main focus on the methods for progressively adapting the game plan for matches and tournaments.

Family programme

The focus is on building the relationships within a family. The goal is to create understanding on how we communicate, make decisions and our values.

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