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This programme aims to enhance the human’s strengths and abilities to empower individuals to develop their full potential and competitive advantage in an automated world of networks. Relational skills have to be developed to allow human workers to optimise their distinctively human talents. The Sharing Economy will be characterised by: non competitive alliances, growing better instead of bigger, etc. Having enough time to select the right team members, experimenting with different combinations of skills and gradually develop trust, as roles are clearly defined is slowly becoming a luxury of the past.

This trend rings true for the world of sport as well as the world of business. Teaming epitomizes a new era of business and more specifically in the Project Environment. The ability to execute “teamwork on the fly” will become a critical skill in business. When specialists are gathered in temporary groups because of the intensity of market change and competition, unpredictability of clients needs, lack of time to build a team; organizations are forced to bring together employees from different disciplines and divisions, including external specialists and stakeholders, only to disband them when they have achieved the goal and a new opportunity arises.


  • Thinking style analysis
  • 360 degree peer assessment (Teaming Inventory©)
  • Problem solving challenges



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