Stress Management

Who to attend

  • Employees that are moving between moderate and severe burnout conditions.


This programme creates a deeper understanding of the causes and stressors, as well as the nature of stress. This enables participants to move away from the burnout condition by not only befriending the stress phenomenon, but also to improve all the available coping mechanisms to build psychophysical capacity draws them away from the burnout condition.

There are always lessons to be learnt from a burnout experience. The principles and skills employed in this workshop will empower the participant to follow a proactive and preventive approach towards burnout in the future.


  • The burnout phenomenon
  • Determining your own burnout level
  • The role of stress in the burnout phenomenon
  • The nature of stress
  • Stressors (causes)
  • Befriending stress
  • Coping skills – how to approach a high pressure situation
  • Capacity building away from the burnout condition


  • Moving away from burnout
  • Understanding the nature of stress
  • Capacity building in psychophysical bank accounts (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical)
  • How to handle a high pressure situation
  • Take home (work) – practical guidelines, actions and skills


  • VENUE : TBi Campus or any venue
  • DURATION: 1 Day
  • TEAM SIZE: 4 – 16 Delegates