Digital Teams

Who to attend

  • Policy-makers
  • Educators
  • Labour unions
  • Business Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs


The next five years will be remembered for the departure of routine-based, middle-skilled white-collar jobs (Clerks, Accounting, Call Centres, Secretaries, Auditors, Bank Tellers and Cashiers). Jobs that will be affected are dependent on process automation.

These labour market shifts demand industry-specific training. Redeploying workers in higher value-added jobs, by investing in this training programme, will easily offset displaced roles.


  • The value of reflection and contemplation
  • Principles of mindfulness
  • Value centred behaviour
  • How to survive in a micro business
  • The value of networking (non-competitive alliances)
  • The nature of stress
  • Stressors (causes)
  • Befriending stress
  • Coping skills – how to approach a high pressure situation
  • Capacity building away from the burnout condition


  • How to be open to more connections
  • Self-understanding as a means to erode boundaries
  • Encouraged exploration and initiative
  • Dealing with power and authority that evaporates
  • A new understanding of organisational structures and behavioural dynamics
  • Challenges that new relationships will bring (no secrets)
  • Vulnerability and opportunity


  • VENUE : TBi Campus or venue of own choice
  • DURATION: 2 Days
  • TEAM SIZE: 8 – 16 Delegates