The Benefits of Tailored Team building

6 October, 2015


Team Building provides the opportunity to appreciate the relationship between managers and their teams. When a manager treats his fellow team member as a subordinate and relationships are strained because of a culture of autocracy, the team building process can be a saving grace.

A structured Team Growth process will help managers to appreciate subordinate as ‘knowledge workers’ and approach them as ‘volunteers’. When subordinates have been empowered to become knowledge workers, they own their means of production.

Although this approach makes management vulnerable because your subordinates have more mobility, the style of management and leadership skills will determine if the volunteer stays on.

This situation is the test of a manager, because volunteers must be motivated by the work they do and the environment the manager creates. Volunteers want to be appreciated as stakeholders and have to function within the team, not separately. This calls for leadership.

A manager’s goal is to create the right environment where the specific skills and knowledge of each volunteer or partner can add value to production. Being a partner in an organisation suggests being equal. If a manager is not emotionally prepared to lead fellow partners, he or she will soon be without loyal followers.

When experiential learning is integrated within the team building process, opportunities will arrive where trust and trustworthiness could be developed between partners in business.

Team building can help managers to introduce themselves as serving, facilitating leaders and to break a paradigm, which has elevated leadership to a position in a hierarchy. Leadership should be understood as a function not an opportunity to rule over others.

A burning question prevalent in many business leaders’ minds is “How should my department or business be structured?“ I still find that many business leaders look for the solution to the ‘right’ organisational structure ‘out there’. This strategy makes them a soft target to be exploited by opportunistic consultants. Remember, leadership or management must find the ‘organisation that fits the task’.

Finding that organisation is quite easy – it is in your face. Your employees / team members know best which way they should organise themselves to fit the task.

If you would like to have access to this vital information, you will have to establish and reaffirm your role as a serving facilitating leader who sets an example by walking and talking the company values.

In other words; your key to organisational bliss is your people!

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