Team Building in Pretoria

Team building in Pretoria

Team Building in Pretoria

Are you looking for a session of Team Building in Pretoria? You’ve come to the right place! TBi or Team Building Institute are professionals with over 20 years of experience in the business and are ready to help you grow your team today.

Located in beautiful Wapadrand, you just can’t find a better place to hold team building in Pretoria! With stunning grounds and premises, not to mention a beach volleyball court and a small herd of Nyalas, TBi have everything you need to have a great day out of the office while developing a new sense of purpose and style of thinking. What more could you ask for?

Options: Team Building in Pretoria

TBi offer a range of programmes suited to anyone looking for team building in Pretoria. From their acclaimed ‘teaming’ methodology to brain profiling using the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument to work out your pattern of thinking. Take your time and look through the Programmes page and see what best suits you and your team.

TBi specialise in adding value to your usual teambuilding session rather than the old fashioned ‘chop and dop’ type scenario. Enjoyment is key to the formula but focus is put on actual outcomes rather than the usual paintball or go-karting and a braai.

Speak to TBi today and find out how they can help you achieve your goals. Sometimes it just takes a small adjustment and you will find your team refreshed and ready to get back into right frame of mind. If you need a session of team building in Pretoria with proven results, then look no further!

Dr Chris Heunis and his dedicated staff are ready to take you and your team forward to a more productive future and with a friendly attitude and professional demeanor you can’t go wrong choosing TBi!

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