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TBi’s services are customised. Facilitators run a programme with a focus on outcomes, made possible by AEL. Take this one minute assessment to find out what programme is best suited to your team.


Thinking Style Analysis

The dynamics of thinking styles allows delegates to learn more about themselves and their colleagues, increasing understanding, trust and camaraderie. This will assist in the foundation of team values. Challenges will follow thereafter, helping the team to understand why they behave differently from one another. TBi utilises the world’s leading thinking styles assessment methodology, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (or HBDI®) to assist in our Thinking Style Analysis programme. Read more about HBDI® and how it can help optimise your team.

Thinking in a Whole Brain® Manner For Optimal Return on Investment

TBi utilises the world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (or HBDI®) to teach teams to think and operate in a wholebrain® manner. The idea is that your mind can be trained to think in a sequence that will result in optimal outcomes. Starting in the blue which represents analysis and research, then the green which relates to organisation in terms of timelines and plans, then red, representing emotions and values and lastly yellow which relates to strategy, the bigger picture and creativity. Whole Brain® thinking and HBDI® are registered trademarks of Herrmann International.


The HBDI® diagram above is a registered trademark of Herrmann International .

Whole Brain® Communication and Return on Investment

How exactly does whole brain® communication aid return on investment? Read through the various stages of thinking below with particular emphasis on ROI .

A. Blue Purpose

In relation to return on investment , the blue quadrant relates to the finances, bottom line and technical requirements. How much does it cost, does it fit the budget, is there monetary value in it and are there ways to measure success?

B. Green Process

The green quadrant speaks to initiative and efficiency. Steps to follow, time to completion, safety, legal issues and any other pertinent research.

C. Red Interaction

The red quadrant relates to people. Will relations improve? Can communication be strengthened? Will development take place?

D. Yellow Innovation

The yellow quadrant relates to possibilities and innovation. Is it new? Will it provide competitive advantage? Is it cutting edge?


This programme changes the way people feel. The key word here is FUNN: Functional Understanding Not Necessary. The group is energised and this reduces stress levels while team awareness as well as interaction with colleagues happens spontaneously.

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Team Effectiveness

This programme changes the way people feel and think by gaining awareness of their learning needs. The process will add understanding of new concepts and ways to deal with familiar situations in the workplace. It involves structured activities that relate metaphorically to the living and/or working environment of the delegate. The Team Growth Strategy™ assists to institutionalise an organisational culture of teamwork.

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Team Growth Strategy

What Makes TBi so Effective?

TBi believes in the principle of sustainability through the use of a long term approach. TBi suggests that followup programmes are scheduled every 3 to 6 months for optimum results. The goal is to work towards a self facilitating  and mature team. The Team Growth Strategy™ has been a key factor in TBi’s success.

‘Sustaining permits change to be maintained in the face of powerful erosive forces that, if unchecked, reverse changes back to original ways of feeling, thinking and behaving .’
Adventurous Experiential Learning in South Africa, Heunis and Priest 2008: 21


In this fastpaced and competitive business world, having enough time to select the right team members, experimenting with different combinations of skills and gradually developing trust, as roles are clearly defined is slowly becoming a luxury of the past. Being able to adapt to a project environment ‘on the fly’ has become a vital skill in today’s workplace and that is where Teaming plays such a vital role in successful project delivery.

Teaming is the ability of an individual to adapt technically and socially to positively contribute to different teams, their unique goals, culture and behavioural patterns.

TBI has designed a threeday teaming training programme that experientially unlocks constructive team behaviour in individuals. Get in touch with the friendly TBi team to discuss how Teaming can increase the effectiveness of your future projects by empowering individuals in becoming dynamic team players.

You can read more about Teaming in this article , “Teaming A lesson from Rugby” published by Dr. Chris Heunis in 2012.

Customised Mentoring

TBi offers a mentorship programme available exclusively to business leaders. Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide their mentee by drawing from their own experience and offering advice based on information which the Mentee might feel uncomfortable sharing with their paymaster.

What got you where you are today won’t necessarily get you where you want to be. Successful business leaders have their thinking frequently challenged for the good of the business and their legacy. This doesn’t imply that the mentor has all the answers but rather having somebody close to you that you can trust and together arrive at the best solutions to business challenges.

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Conducted by CEO and co-founder of TBi, Dr. Chris Heunis and drawing from over 25 years of networking and academic research, TBi’s mentorship programme separates itself from standard ‘coaching’ sessions which are often conducted by people who merely study a short coaching diploma
without the necessary experience. Dr Heunis provides context-specific counsel drawn from national and international experience as an Exco-team facilitator and Mentor. Read Dr. Heunis’ full academic CV for more information.

Making the Match :

● The awkwardness of the first session fades away once the thinking style analysis (HBDI) is conducted and feedback is given to the Mentee.
● Sessions are “infrequent” with no specified curriculum or predetermined number of sessions.
● A thematic approach is used. Sessions are tailored based on specific problems.
● Think of this as a practical MBA. The Mentee may be challenged with a very unique problem that requires relevant experience or a broad perspective. This is where the Mentee stands to benefit from 25 years of networking and academic research. Short sessions in private are arranged with experienced and accomplished specialists in their field to optimise growth and learning.

“We have surveyed 45 CEO’s who have formal mentoring arrangements, and 71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result.”

● Strong majorities reported that they were making better decisions (69%) and
● 78% reported increased capability fulfilling stakeholder expectations”

Jannsz and Peiperl (2015:101) HBR April.
Chat to Dr Heunis to find out how Customised Mentoring can assist you and your organisation.

Youth and Schools

TBi moves away from the traditional ‘veld school’ model which despite being fun, just doesn’t yield valuable results. Adventure has been proven to aid in learning but physical engagement (activity) without theory is fatal, while theory without action is futile.

The TBi programmes focus on the development of learners and students by utilising adventure experiences as a vehicle for transfer of learning and subsequent behavioural change. These are offered to both primary schools and high schools.

Train the Trainer

Have you ever considered a career in team building? You will find that no South African university or any other institutions of higher learning provide training in AEL (Adventurerelated Experiential Learning). This interdisciplinary methodology is made up by content obtained from four disciplines (Management Sciences; Philosophy; Psychology and Human Movement Sciences). TBi can effectively equip you to facilitate your own programmes. Contact us for further information.


Other team building activities include Team Alignment, the ever important ‘Onboarding’ of new members, Project Based Team Alignment, Shared Contracting and facilitation of Strategic Sessions.

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  • “Hi Chris, happy to be home again after a really great session with you guys.  It’s a pleasure to work with professionals who are also fun people”.

    Professionals Who Are Also Fun People
  • “TBi played an important role in moving Synfuels from success to significance. Their interactive team building methodology taught us the value of ‘teamness’ and caring for one another. It is a privilege working with TBi.”
    Flip de Wet, MD Sasol Synfuels (Apr 09 – May 11)

    TBi played an important role
  • “The programme offered by TBi to our Masters students at the GSTM over the last eight years developed into an essential part of their development as people and managers. Participants … specifically gained from right brain development towards whole-brain functioning.
    Dr Siebert Benade, Graduate School of Technology Management, UP ”

    The programme offered by TBi to our Masters students
  • “Thank you for a providing my team with a refuge to sort out our issues and such an excellent facilitator that pushes us to reveal the important points while ensuring we don’t damage our belief in one another.”
    Thomas Sullivan, BU Manager Sasol Nitro, March 2013

    Thank you
  • “Thank you so much for looking after us this year.”
    Shane Loseby, Secondary Faculty Educator Parklands College Cape Town, Jan 2014

    Thank you
  • “Baie dankie vir die wyse waarop julle ons Leerlingraad se opleiding behartig het.”
    Prefects, Laerskool Swartkop, Jan 2014

    Baie dankie
  • “Epitome is grateful beyond words. Your professionalism, efficiency and warmth was amazing. You kept the lines of communication open from the beginning up until the end. You are definitely the kind of a service provider that we are always looking to collaborate with because you do not drop the ball.”
    Xoli Madlala, Epitome Style, March 2014

    Grateful beyond words
  • “I want to thank yourself and the team for all of your efforts in bringing the group together for LCCP. It’s a very energetic and dynamic group, who are clearly dedicated to the process.”
    Rob Clark, Project Director, Sasol North America, March 2014

    Thank yourself and the team
  • “I have been on many team buildings but this was one of the best and most enjoyable. The TBI facilities were outstanding and the activities were challenging yet fun.”
    Janssen, Reinet Joubert, Patient Care Advisor, Apr 2014

    Best and most enjoyable
  • “Julle venue was puik en als was wonderlik. Dankie weereens.”
    Strahler Medical, Heinrich Hattingh, Managing Director, Apr 2014

    Als was wonderlik
  • “We’ve done a couple of team building activities in the past at other service providers. But when we wanted to bring our strategic partners in Riyadh, we needed a team with broad cultural expertise. I honestly did not expect the outcome to be this positive.”
    Anton van der Merwe, Research Group Leader: Experimental EW Systems, CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security, Apr 2014

    Outcome to be this positive
  • “I’m hearing good reports about the team building at Oudtshoorn. The guys really enjoyed themselves and had a life changing experience. Thanks for that. I always know you will deliver on a service.”
    Mandima Nengovhela, Senior Business Partner: HR, Exxaro Matla Coal, Sept 2014

    Life changing experience
  • “I would like to thank the team of TBi…..you made a difference in our life……From the unknown to possibility….only once we change from within, we can influence others to do the same!!”
    Madele Nelson, Business Partner: HR, Exxaro Groottegeluk Coal, Train The Trainer participant, Sept 2014

    Thank the team of TBi
  • “Julle was life changers in my lewe, ware rolmodelle. Julle leefstyl testify julle practice what you preach!! Dankie”
    Nelis Theron, Train The Trainer participant, Sept 2014

    Life changers

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