16 January, 2017 by

Select the right organisational culture for 2017

Kick 2017 off by looking at the most important element in your organisation – your people! Edgar Schein (1985) defines Organisational…

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Hands rubbing together
16 May, 2016 by

When Business Slows Down

Your company is faced with high debt, cash flow is at a critical level, morale is at an all-time low and…

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23 November, 2015 by


In the context of the current competitive and dynamic socio-political milieu, leaders have to constantly change their thinking about how they…

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Bridging The Connectivity Gap

“Connectivity is perhaps the biggest opportunity of our time. As technology makes the world smaller, it’s clear that the countries and…

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Power Facilitation Team Building

4th Reality – The Key to Power Facilitation

Have you ever wondered why some programs are more effective than others? Why participants in some programs exude energy and excitement…

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6 October, 2015 by

The Benefits of Tailored Team building

Team Building provides the opportunity to appreciate the relationship between managers and their teams. When a manager treats his fellow team…

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Motivation and Teambuilding
15 September, 2015 by

Lack of Motivation…? Blame it on Newton

When our business turns out poor results we have been trained to do a “route cause analysis”, to pinpoint the culprit….

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Team Building Experts in Pretoria
8 September, 2015 by

Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader – Make the Change!

It has taken us quite a long time to distinguish between Management and Leadership. The job of any manager mainly focuses…

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Critical Behaviour

Critical Behaviours and Whole Brain Organisational Restructuring©

Optimise Business Performance through the use of Critical Behaviour with this new and exciting programme from TBi. Read all about it…

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Teaming© – A Lesson From Rugby

Teaming© is the ability of an individual to adapt technically and socially to positively contribute to different teams, their unique goals,…

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