Academic Curriculum Vitae: C. Dup. Heunis


Dr Chris Heunis is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Team Building Institute (PTY) Ltd. TBI’s vision, is to develop human potential that results in optimised behaviour. The TBI methodology was born of the philosophy that aims to develop individuals and teams through a multi-disciplinary learning approach.

Physical engagement (activity) without theory is fatal, but theory without action is futile.

TBI aims to provide a balance between practical experiences and theoretical principles that underpin these experiences. This is generally known as Experiential Learning. When an element of uncertainty is added, the experience demonstrates the same characteristics associated with adventure. The element of adventure engages participants and optimizes change. The methodology employed by TBI is known as Adventure-related Experiential Learning (AEL).

Chris’s doctoral dissertation examined the role AEL plays in corporate team building. This led to the formation of the Institute, which has earned national and international recognition in the field of AEL.

TBI’s approach is to integrate inter-disciplinary concepts that are usually viewed as separate entities, namely Psychology, Organisational Development, Philosophy and Recreation.

Chris started his career as a teacher in 1985. He was appointed as Head of the First National Adventure Training Centre (CARO) in 1987. In 1990 he accepted an appointment as lecturer at the University of Pretoria.

In 1997 he co-founded the Team Building Institute.

Academic record:

1. 1981 BA (Phys. Ed.) (University of Pretoria)
2. 1982 Diploma in Higher Education (Teachers Training College)
3. 1987 BA Hons. Degree (University of Pretoria)
4. 1993 Masters Degree (University of Pretoria)
5. 1997 D.Phil. (University of Pretoria)


1. AEL Facilitator Training Manual
2. 21 Articles (Newsletter Publications)
3. Author: Chapter 10: Teamwork and team dynamics: in
a. Du Plessis, Y. 2014. Project Management A Behavioural Perspective Principles. Practices and Cases. Pearson Holdings, Cape Town.

Research guidance:

Tertiary Institution
Academic level
Reseach title
Student details
University of Pretoria Economic and Management Sciences External examinar Hons NA NA
University of Pretoria Continuing Education (CE@UP) Lecturer Certificate in Systems Engineering Management NA NA
University of Pretoria Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology External examiner MA in Project Management NA NA
University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment and Information Technology External examiner MA in Engineering Management NA NA
University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment and Information Technology External examiner People Management PEM 883 NA NA
University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment and Information Technology Graduate School of Technology Management Study leader MEM. MPM MTM NA From 2006 - 2013

External Examiner:

  1. Coetzer, I. S.: 2006. Die Invloed van Meerdere Avontuur-gerigte ervaringsleer programme (AEL) op die Retensie van Individuele Gedragsveranderings: ‘n Gevallestudie. MA Menslike   Bewegingskunde Universiteit Pretoria
  2. Van den Bergh, R.: 2008. Cultural Intelligence: A Comparison Between Managers In South Africa and the Netherlands. MA Commercii HR Management. Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. University of Pretoria
  3. Chung,S.: 2006. The Utilisation of Teambuilding as an Intervention Versus an Organisational Improvement Process. MBA. Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. University of Pretoria

Study Leader:

de Klerk TE Heunis C Dr MPM
Coetsee HB Heunis C Dr MPM
Naidoo P Heunis C Dr MEM
Moodley M Heunis C Dr MTM
Jansen van Rensburg PJ Heunis C Dr MEM
Botha CJ Heunis C Dr MPM
Nkisimane OT Heunis C Dr MPM
Erasmus DJ Heunis C Dr MPM
Hlubi NP Heunis C Dr MTM
Bevan ATL Heunis C Dr MPM
Daniseb S Heunis C Dr MPM
Govender DS Heunis C Dr MTM/td>
Sivetshe NC Heunis C Dr MPM/td>
The impact of leadership style on team dynamics of project success: An investigation of the RDL Systems Group 2008
An integrated value proposition model for 21st century organizations 2009
A comprehensive model on resource allocation in the maintenance departments at Sasol Synfuels 2014
Identification of Critical Factors enabling Project Success by Project Teams deployed within the Process Design Group, Sasol Technology 2014
An Identification of Factors which aid the Retention of Graduate Engineers in a Consultation Engineering Environment situated in Secunda, Pretoria and Vanderbijlpark 2014
The impact of low level of trust on project success at Dorstfontein coal mine 2014
Effects of Cultural Diversity on Project Management: An Investigation Conducted at Bateman Engineered Technologies 2014
Optimising project success through Whole Brain™ (HBDI) principles 2014
Case study: Factors that complicates the introduction of female employees into the mining sector at PPC 2014
A case study of critical factors that attract and retain workers to the Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) lifestyle while establishing a new mine in Papua New Guinea 2014
Herzberg’s theory applied: Identify reasons for a high turnover of engineers in the Mining Sector of Namibia 2014
The effect of teaming in improving organisational performance 2014
Improved understanding of cultural practices facilitate project management 2014
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