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TBi utilises Adventure related Experiential Learning or AEL to develop individuals and teams in a holistic manner, through sustainable positive behaviour.

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The idea is that adventure is experienced subjectively (state of mind), so our methodology explores (and sometimes stretches) the boundaries of comfort zones BUT it will always be a ‘challenge by choice’, meaning that no one is forced to do anything they are not comfortable doing!

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When challenging your comfort zone, everyone experiences something different, something powerful and meaningful as an individual. Facilitated reflection follows and ignites changes of behavioural patterns that lead to transfer of learning into the work environment. This is a powerful cycle with proven results your organisation stands to benefit from. TBi clients gain from years of experience and ongoing research.

Philosophy :

The philosophy driving TBi resides in the belief that each staff member shares a calling to facilitate moments of truth, striving to create an environment of trust, support, inclusion, caring and being authentic. Diversity is embraced in terms of gender and race while fostering a culture of ownership and accountability where learning is shared and success is celebrated. Staff members at TBi are encouraged to live a balanced life; it is therefore imperative that as a company, we walk the talk.

What Makes us Different?

TBi focuses on outcomes rather than just activities. Programmes are formulated based on the unique needs of each team rather than the ineffective blanket approach applied by 90% of the team building industry. Paintball, gokarting and the likes will give your team a fun day out of the office; but the TBi team separate themselves from this practice by providing your team with realworld outcomes that are guaranteed to make a difference to your organisation. The following articles by Dr. Heunis elaborate further on this:

Return on Diffusion of Learning
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Measuring The Effect of Team Building
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The Science of Team Building
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Power Facilitation

Power Facilitation TBi facilitators are masters in the art of ‘Power Facilitation’, which leads to 4th Reality™ experiences, and this becomes visible through positive organisational behaviour. For more information on Power Facilitation and 4th Reality™ experiences please read this article by Dr. Chris Heunis.


TBi incorporate multiple methodologies into AEL in their approach to team building. HBDI ®, Shadowmatch, Lego, Narrative techniques and Business simulation are all part of the TBi fabric. Chat to us to see how we can help you achieve your goals. This article “The Engineers Blind Spot and Mega Project Success” is a must read for those interested in seeing how ‘theory’ compliments ‘practice’ in Project Management.

  • “Hi Chris, happy to be home again after a really great session with you guys.  It’s a pleasure to work with professionals who are also fun people”.

    Professionals Who Are Also Fun People
  • “TBi played an important role in moving Synfuels from success to significance. Their interactive team building methodology taught us the value of ‘teamness’ and caring for one another. It is a privilege working with TBi.”
    Flip de Wet, MD Sasol Synfuels (Apr 09 – May 11)

    TBi played an important role
  • “The programme offered by TBi to our Masters students at the GSTM over the last eight years developed into an essential part of their development as people and managers. Participants … specifically gained from right brain development towards whole-brain functioning.
    Dr Siebert Benade, Graduate School of Technology Management, UP ”

    The programme offered by TBi to our Masters students
  • “Thank you for a providing my team with a refuge to sort out our issues and such an excellent facilitator that pushes us to reveal the important points while ensuring we don’t damage our belief in one another.”
    Thomas Sullivan, BU Manager Sasol Nitro, March 2013

    Thank you
  • “Thank you so much for looking after us this year.”
    Shane Loseby, Secondary Faculty Educator Parklands College Cape Town, Jan 2014

    Thank you
  • “Baie dankie vir die wyse waarop julle ons Leerlingraad se opleiding behartig het.”
    Prefects, Laerskool Swartkop, Jan 2014

    Baie dankie
  • “Epitome is grateful beyond words. Your professionalism, efficiency and warmth was amazing. You kept the lines of communication open from the beginning up until the end. You are definitely the kind of a service provider that we are always looking to collaborate with because you do not drop the ball.”
    Xoli Madlala, Epitome Style, March 2014

    Grateful beyond words
  • “I want to thank yourself and the team for all of your efforts in bringing the group together for LCCP. It’s a very energetic and dynamic group, who are clearly dedicated to the process.”
    Rob Clark, Project Director, Sasol North America, March 2014

    Thank yourself and the team
  • “I have been on many team buildings but this was one of the best and most enjoyable. The TBI facilities were outstanding and the activities were challenging yet fun.”
    Janssen, Reinet Joubert, Patient Care Advisor, Apr 2014

    Best and most enjoyable
  • “Julle venue was puik en als was wonderlik. Dankie weereens.”
    Strahler Medical, Heinrich Hattingh, Managing Director, Apr 2014

    Als was wonderlik
  • “We’ve done a couple of team building activities in the past at other service providers. But when we wanted to bring our strategic partners in Riyadh, we needed a team with broad cultural expertise. I honestly did not expect the outcome to be this positive.”
    Anton van der Merwe, Research Group Leader: Experimental EW Systems, CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security, Apr 2014

    Outcome to be this positive
  • “I’m hearing good reports about the team building at Oudtshoorn. The guys really enjoyed themselves and had a life changing experience. Thanks for that. I always know you will deliver on a service.”
    Mandima Nengovhela, Senior Business Partner: HR, Exxaro Matla Coal, Sept 2014

    Life changing experience
  • “I would like to thank the team of TBi…..you made a difference in our life……From the unknown to possibility….only once we change from within, we can influence others to do the same!!”
    Madele Nelson, Business Partner: HR, Exxaro Groottegeluk Coal, Train The Trainer participant, Sept 2014

    Thank the team of TBi
  • “Julle was life changers in my lewe, ware rolmodelle. Julle leefstyl testify julle practice what you preach!! Dankie”
    Nelis Theron, Train The Trainer participant, Sept 2014

    Life changers

    High and Low Ropes Courses, as well as Belay and Rescue Training


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