4th Reality – The Key to Power Facilitation

20 October, 2015

Power Facilitation Team Building

Have you ever wondered why some programs are more effective than others? Why participants in some programs exude energy and excitement while you can read ‘bored’ on the faces of others?

The answer is not locked in some magical mystery – it might be as simple as changing the manner in which you approach the client.

In order for us to fully understand the opening statement, we need to have a closer look at the basic underlying principles of the AELmethodology:

– AEL, to quote Heunis (1997), ‘Adventure-related Experiential Learning is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct adventure related experiences and in-depth reflection’.
– And to facilitate, in its basic form, means to help or assist.

Understanding AEL becomes easier when AEL is experienced.

But real ‘power facilitation’ is deeper, more intense. It takes you to the level beyond AEL facilitation. The intent of the initial engagement of the AEL facilitator elevates the learning experience to another level: the 4th Reality.

Lets move a couple of steps (levels of reality) back and investigate each reality separately.

The easiest way to explain the first reality is to use the example of a fish swimming in its natural environment – water. To the fish the water is its only reality and when it is taken out of the water, it flaps frantically and moves its gills as if it was still breathing under water. It cannot survive outside its only reality, thus it will die outside water.

The second reality can best be described with the dolphin, which moves between its first reality – under the water – and its second reality – above the water. In order to survive, it constantly has to exit one reality and enters into another.

‘Reflection’ is the essence of the third reality, and is unique to humans. Learning happens through reflection, and as soon as one reflect back on the impact, meaning or morality of one’s actions, you are entering the third reality.

Similar, but different than ‘self actualisation’ in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the 4th Reality addresses man’s constant search for meaning (significance) – in other words: having a clear understanding of one’s higher purpose. 4th Reality experiences elevate AEL from a 3rd Reality.

Not many people are able to enter this reality, but if one is privileged enough to experience this, one will not only be amazed about the truths you discover about yourself but also one’s ability to connect on an entirely different level.

Positive Organisational Behaviour (POB) is a natural outcome of our quest for meaningful relationships. The degree to which we experience POB depends on the quality of our inter- and intra-relationships.

TBI facilitators are masters in the art of “Power Facilitation” that leads to 4th Reality experiences becoming visible through POB.

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